Tree Law in Pennsylvania
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Pine Tree Forest, Pennsylvania
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Joshua Sukoff

At a WeConservePA land protection and stewardship staff roundtable, participants realized that: (1) no-one was confident as to what the rules are in Pennsylvania regarding trees and (2) they were operating under sometimes diametrically opposite guesses as to what those rules might be. WeConservePA responded by seeking out expertise and, with the generous donation of services by Gilbert High, Esq., developing the eight-page guide Tree Law in Pennsylvania. The guide’s short description reads as follows:

“Trees benefit us all; they can also bring conflict. This guide provides legal insights on typical neighbor disputes and responsibilities concerning trees near property lines. It reviews roles and responsibilities regarding trees in public rights of way. The guide also addresses the issues of liability for injury as well as the damages a court might award for cutting down or harming someone else’s trees.”

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