Welcome Home, Inc.

Welcome Home, Inc.

Made It - One Family's Life Forever Changed
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Homeless Veterans need our help to attain their 'American Dream' - a dream they signed up to defend for the rest of us.

Single mom and Navy Veteran, ‘SK,’ her two sons, and their two precious pups, found themselves homeless after moving to Missouri and being scammed by a rent-to-own fraud scheme. She had no idea where to turn or what resources were available to her family in this new, unfamiliar state. They were desperate and devastated. But, on February 28th, 2022, ‘SK’ connected with Welcome Home, and that is when this family's housing journey and life transformation began.

‘SK’ worked with Welcome Home and other Columbia resources to build a better life for her and her boys in Missouri. Having very limited income, we were able to provide the family temporary shelter, financial assistance and help move them into a nice apartment with a wonderful landlord.

But the story doesn't end there.

Despite having PTSD and trouble sleeping after her military service, ‘SK’ never knew she had eligibility to receive VA disability income - a benefit she earned from military service. Within a few weeks of helping ‘SK’ file her VA claim, she received the letter. She was rated 70%, would receive backpay, and suddenly, their lives were forever changed. She purchased a family vehicle and having a dream to one day own a home of her own, ‘SK’ started saving money to begin that journey. On January 28th, 2023, this remarkable Navy Veteran became a homeowner and in February they moved into a new home – their home!

"Because of all of you, you and your help - Let alone belief in me that all I wanted to make happen could happen - never giving up on me or my boys, and in whatever ways you helped pave the way for us, we made it! We made it to the point I swore we were going to be at, let alone in the exact place I said I wanted us to be at. With all your help, my VA claim being approved first time through, and the will of never giving up (even though I heard 'NO' a million times), WE MADE IT! I want all of you to know that it's the things you all have done that have helped us get where we are since getting to Columbia. I'm sure all of you wonder daily if what you all do matters. I'm sure you see others succeed and others fail. I want you all to know and see that not only have you helped me and my boys succeed, but we flew above and beyond because of everything you all did." – With Deepest Thanks, ‘SK’ and Family

Welcome Home: A Community for Veterans

Welcome Home: A Community for Veterans
Welcome Home works to Honor Veterans and Restore Lives
We have a vision to one day end Veteran homelessness
But we can't do it alone
Every Veteran deserves a proper 'welcome home'
Our wrap-around programs and services provide homeless and at-risk Veterans the opportunity to thrive in life once again
We are deeply grateful to our supporters of all ages
We will end Veteran homelessness together
On behalf of our team, Board of Directors, and Veterans we serve, thank you for finding our mission worthy of your support!
Proud and Honored to participate in the CFC Campaign. #75471
Thank you for your consideration and support

Welcome Home, Inc.
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