Women In Need of God's Shelter

Women In Need of God's Shelter

WINGS supports families in their efforts to live violence-free by promoting safety, advocacy, empowerment, and education.

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Ms. Deno, 65 years of age, came to us upon her release from a regional hospital for chest pains and extreme anxiety. She had endured multiple years of violence and abuse. She was too afraid to go home or stay with any of her older children believing he would find her and put them in danger as well. She had serious health issues.
Her crisis call sheet attests the following, "Very fearful, nervous, upset and scared. He kicks her, throws her walker in the yard and has threatened numerous times to kill her." Upon her arrival to our shelter, at the insistence of her older son, she could barely talk and disclose information without crying. At one point, she stated, "I don't believe God loves me because he is a man."
She stated on of her goals was "to get back my life". The Abuse Checklist she completed, with over 25 specific abuses, were ALL checked. With lots of support, referrals, consultations, Ms. Deno moved on to independent living and reached on her goals to "get back her life". She checks in with us from time to time sharing her love and appreciation.

Women In Need of God's Shelter
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