Working Dogs For Vets

Working Dogs For Vets

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Service dogs are part of the solution to veteran suicide.
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Kenneth Knabenshue

Service dogs are part of the solution to veteran suicide.
Veterans commit suicide at the rate of 1 every 59 minutes.
That's 22 veterans a day!
About 2.7 million shelter dogs in the U.S. are put down each year.
That's about 1 every 11 seconds!
More than 1.5 million disabled veterans need service dogs.
Your support to Working Dogs For Vets will Save lives on both ends of each leash! We rescue, train, and pair service dogs with Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, and disabled military veterans. Provide training, supplies, school, classes, retreats & more. Reducing suicide. 3000+ Teams Served. Donations save lives at both ends of the leash! Working Dogs For Vets is giving veterans and rescue dogs purpose in their lives, along with our advocacy efforts to eliminate veteran suicide. Hearing veteran's stories pushes WDFV to face financial adversity head-on.
“People ask me why I do it. How can you not do it?” Founder Kenneth Knabenshue asked.
A steady stream of comrades calls on Working Dogs For Vets, all hoping to don dog tags again as they assign new service dogs with the help of teams training each assistance animal to care for the needs of their veteran.
“I had a grenade go off…took my hand off instantly. Gangrene in the leg,” recalled Army veteran Richard Smith.
“When I drop stuff, he picks it up for me,” said Smith.
“I did the first Gulf War and came home and was hit by a drunk driver,” explained Navy veteran Lonn Cunningham, who is confined to his wheelchair with the use of only one arm.
“He can open doors,” explained Cunningham.
“I depend on her so much because I can’t hear,” added Pam Douglas, an Army veteran who served in Vietnam.
While it comes naturally for Working Dogs For Vets to help, asking for it isn’t as easy. This is why these veterans sing these praises.
“I’d do anything in the world for Working Dogs For Vets because they brought me into a place in my life that I never knew could have existed,” Smith said.
They speak up with the hope others will donate because, they say, you’re saving lives at both ends of the leash.
“Oh my God. How does that not move you?” asked Cunningham. “To save a veteran. To save a dog. Do it for one or the other. Do it for both.”
Every dollar you donate helps save lives at Working Dogs for Vets. We rely on the support of those who choose Working Dogs For Vets as their charity of choice in their workplace CFC giving campaigns. And we’re grateful for all the support we receive through the Combined Federal Giving Campaign. Please choose Working Dogs For Vets as your charity of choice, CFC #37322
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Working Dogs For Vets

"Switch on, Give it, Good boy" If you just talk to the veterans, I think they explain better. My name is Richard Smith, Pam Douglas, Lonn Cunningham, This is Eli my service dog when I drop something he picks it up for me. I depend on her so much because I can't hear. He can open doors, and he helps me with my balance. She will hear the alarm clock and lick my cheek to wake me up. This place is incredible! They brought me to a place in my life that I never knew could have existed. It connects you with a service dog that can get you back out into the world around other people so you're not isolated anymore. If we're going to help more veterans the public has got to get involved. $5 $10 1X or monthly whatever you can afford to save a veteran to save a dog, we will take your dollar and turn it into 3 it's literally that simple. This place is a God send. "I love these guys." Thank you Working Dogs For Vets!

Working Dogs For Vets
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