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YWAM Ships Kona

Abraham's Story
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Abraham;s Story
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YWAM Ships Kona

There were eleven of them waiting anxiously on the long wooden bench. Some dressed
in their Sunday best, some in casual clothing. And while they were dissimilar in many
ways, these eleven had something in common; large green plastic shells covered their
eyes, holding bandages to left and right eyes alike.
One of the men was Abraham, who had for many years faced the uncertainty of his
failing eyesight. Every day, he woke up to increasingly clouded vision and would
be reminded that his days of observing the world around him were limited. Finally,
it happened. Fourteen years after the onset of cataracts, the condition had
progressed without the necessary treatment, leaving him completely robbed of his
Abraham was left isolated and alone. The only access he had left to the beauty of the
world around him was through the memories he clung to tightly. He spent his days
sitting around for hours, unable to navigate the village safely by himself and without
family to help him. Being forced to leave his job, he found himself at the mercy of
others in order to survive.
The Pacific Islands have long been among the most difficult places to reach on earth,
especially to bring medical equipment. The only option for Abraham would be the
arrival of a ship equipped with medical professionals and equipment. However, living on
the remote island of Tarawai, just off the coast of Papua New Guinea and far removed
from the world of medical breakthroughs, Abraham was left with little hope that
anything could be done for him.
Three years in complete darkness had passed until Abraham learned of a ship that would
be visiting the island, one which was unlike the others. It was a medical ship. Abraham
called for help in order to be there for the arrival, desperate to do whatever it took to be
present for this life-changing opportunity.
As the sun dawned upon the island of Tarawai, the atmosphere was consumed with
anticipation. Something unheard of was about to happen. Along with the entire island,
Abraham eagerly awaited the arrival of the YWAM Ships Kona medical vessel, and the
help it would bring.
Abraham was screened and chosen for the first cataract surgery to be held off the coast
of Tarawai. When the day arrived, he was escorted on board with ten others and
brought into the clinic. The day's events concluded and patients were brought back to
their homes to rest and prepare for the following day and the moment everyone was
waiting for.
The next morning, what seemed like the whole island gathered as the doctors arrived and
began assessing their patients. One by one, green plastic shells were removed and
tentative eyes opened. A noticeable sense of disbelief showed itself on their faces as they
looked around and realized that the cloudiness and darkness no longer plagued their
eyes; they could see! “I see colors! All of the colors!” cried out one man who only a day
earlier had been confined to seeing the world in black and white. As they went back and
forth to receive instructions from the doctor, they kept sneaking looks at the world
around them, as if trying to convince themselves that this surreal experience would
continue to be their reality. It was a complete rebirth, an entirely new life waiting for
those celebrating their recovery of sight.
Abraham sat patiently on his bench, his cane next to him. A collective breath was held
as his bandages were taken off. Of the eleven, Abraham was the only one completely
blind, and he too wanted to believe that his sight would be restored. As he opened up his
eyes, a shout rang out from his mouth! The words kept bubbling out, “Very happy! I’m
so happy! I’m crying!” He was beaming and joy spilled out of him. People from his
community introduced themselves to Abraham properly, some of them for the first time.
Eager to be in every picture and shake every hand, he was filled with excitement for his
new life. After seventeen years, Abraham could finally shake off the worry and
hopelessness that had consumed his life and make meaningful plans for his future.
Hope came with a ship that day, showing Abraham and the island of Tarawai that they
were not forgotten. Thanks to the doctors and crew on board the YWAM Ships Kona
medical vessel, miracles were brought to Tarawai on a day that will never fade from

Abraham's Story

During one of our recent trips to Papua New Guinea, we met a man named Abraham. He lived on an isolated island just north of Madang. He hadn’t seen in over 17 years. And because of that, he lost his livelihood, he lost hope. His entire village couldn’t wait for the YWAM Ship to come in. Very good! Happy, happy, happy, happy! True, True! Bless God, bless God, bless God, bless God, bless God, bless God, bless God. Hallelujah! After a simple 30-minute operation, sight returned to his eyes. In addition to Abraham, ten others that day had their eyesight restored.

YWAM Ships Kona
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