Cause of the Week: Children & Family Services

GIVE HAPPY so couples like the Lees can expand their families through adoption and a photo of a couple with a child completing paperwork.

The CFC cause of the week is Children & Family Support. The old adage is true: it really does take a community to raise a child.  

CFC charities connect children with mentors, organize community sports programs, offer after-school tutoring, provide counseling services, implement summer camps, and distribute nutritious food. Awareness programs and educational resources can help youths recognize the dangers of drugs, seek help in violent situations, obtain early job training, and access basic necessities that aren’t always available at home. Hopefully, this critical support intervenes before children can be exploited or trafficked, but charities stand ready to assist even in those horrific circumstances.   

Here is just one example that illustrates how a CFC-participating charity stepped in to help a family: 

Austin is a six-year-old, non-verbal child with intellectual disabilities, health issues, and toileting needs. His parents want the best for their son. They want him to have life-enriching experiences. When they heard about a camp for kids with special needs run by a CFC-participating charity, they were nervous. But Austin absolutely loves camp! He’s been four times. His mom says, “The smile on Austin’s face when he sees us pack his camp trunk is proof.”  He participates in all the activities: archery, horseback riding, zip lines, and swimming. He watches the DVD of camp over and over.  

Here are a few more examples of how CFC donations can help: 

  • Assist those hoping to expand their families through adoption.  
  • Host community youth sports programs. 
  • Install accessible playground equipment so all children can play.