Cause of the Week: Education

GIVE HAPPY so students like Tanya can earn the degree of their dreams.

The CFC cause of the week is Education. Ensuring educators and students have the resources they need is an investment in our future. Promoting education sets the stage for higher lifetime earning potential for individuals; stronger, more empathetic communities; and a safer, more peaceful world. Unfortunately, many children (and adults) around the world still struggle to reach their full potential due to barriers in education including tuition, the cost of books and supplies, extracurricular fees, and lack of access to technology resources. 

Here is just one example of how a CFC-participating charity is supporting education: 

Rachel is a fourth-grade teacher. She says that most days, she has to provide the necessary supplies for basic schoolwork, like pencils, notebooks, and highlighters.    

When she found a CFC-participating charity that provides school supplies to teachers at no cost, she jumped at the chance.  She says that when students don’t feel the burden of their families’ inability to provide supplies, they can focus on learning.   

Here are a few more examples of how CFC donations can help:  

  • Train teachers and involve parents, caregivers and whole communities in education. 
  • Encourage young girls to develop an interest in a scientific field.  
  • Teach illiterate adults how to read.