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Environmental Defense Fund

Thank you from EDF’s leadership; A landmark year for climate
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ONE WORLD. Global climate change protest demonstration strike - No Planet B - 09-20-2019
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Markus Spiske

We collaborate with local experts to develop durable, local solutions to global problems. For example, in India we are developing partnerships to improve the diet and health of dairy cattle, boosting livelihoods and nutrition while also reducing climate pollution from animal agriculture. This report is filled with dispatches from our deeply rooted work across the world.

Our scientists ask questions that guide environmental progress and facilitate informed policy decisions. For example, this year, as dozens of countries embarked on plans to develop hydrogen energy, our research revealed that hydrogen leaks can have serious near-term climate consequences. Now, the European Union is funding research on leak detection, citing EDF’s work. And the U.S. Department of Energy is recommending that infrastructure for an $8 billion hydrogen initiative be designed to minimize leaks.

People are at the heart of our work. In New York, we led a campaign to educate voters about a $4.2 billion environmental bond proposal. This historic investment in climate, environmental justice, health and community flood protection passed with overwhelming support. We are also supporting the development of the Frontline Resource Institute, an organization guided by environmental justice leaders that helps community groups on the frontlines of climate change access resources and technical assistance.

This report features many more highlights of a year to remember. And it marks just the beginning of what we can achieve together.

We give you our heartfelt thanks.

A Vital Earth. For Everyone.

0:01 what is vitality

0:03 vitality is life

0:05 vitality is energy

0:07 vitality is passion

0:10 vitality is change vitality is

0:14 vital

0:16 but what is vital

0:18 touch is vital love is vital

0:22 breath is vital food and air and water

0:26 and soil and nature the earth is vital

0:29 but for whom

0:31 a vital earth for mothers fathers

0:35 daughters

0:36 sons farmers fishers ranchers teachers

0:41 students

0:42 snakes ospreys zebras coral cattle

0:46 communities

0:47 everyone and everything on earth

0:51 everyone

0:53 a vital earth

0:55 for everyone

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