Event Tips

Here are a few pro tips to help you have a successful CFC event.

  • PLAN AHEAD. Give yourself plenty of time. To pull off a successful campaign event, you will need to consider several things (as outlined in this checklist). Planning at least two weeks in advance will help when inviting charities, getting on your leadership’s calendar, testing out the virtual platform with panelists, reserving a location, and promoting your event so attendance will be high.  

  • INVOLVE CHARITIES. Donors get motivated when they hear directly from charities about the incredible impact CFCNCA donations have on the lives of people in need. Translation? Bring charities to the people! They are the heart of the CFC, after all. Complete the Charity Request Form to let us know you want to invite charities to your event.

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Share videos from the Virtual Charity Fair at your next gathering or feature a live charity facilities tour via Zoom.


  • GET LEADERSHIP ENDORSEMENT. Aim to get your leadership’s endorsement and attendance for and at the event. Use one of our communication templates to craft the perfect invite, and ask someone from leadership to send it along. We even have speech templates to pass on to them! People are more likely to attend an event when they know their boss will be there, which turns into a higher donation potential – it’s a win-win! See the Leadership Section of the Campaign Worker Toolkit for more ideas!  

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Record your leadership’s endorsement or statement to share with coworkers via email or your intranet.  


  • ENCOURAGE DONATIONS. While your event can’t be a cash fundraiser, there are still ways to raise funds for CFC charities through your event. Distribute our How to Give card to everyone who attends your event - printed for a live event or via email for a virtual event – so they have easy giving instructions. Consider using the CFC Giving Mobile App at your events or have paper pledges printed for in-person events. 

  • CHOOSE YOUR LOCATION OR PLATFORM. Selecting your event location or platform is a crucial step in hosting your campaign event. There are multiple options for event hosting, including (but not limited to) onsite locations like cafeterias and conference rooms, video conferencing platforms, social media sites, and much more! Choose a location or platform that works best for your agency. Feel free to get creative! 

  • PUBLICIZE YOUR EVENT DETAILS. Promote the event through announcements, flyers, emails, newsletters, splash screens, social media, websites, intranets, bulletin boards, and word of mouth. Contact your local public affairs office or radio station for event coverage. 

  • CAPTURE THE MOMENT. Don’t forget your camera (or phone)! Sharing pictures and videos of CFCNCA events is a great way to promote the creative ways your agency is implementing the campaign. Consider getting your local public affairs involved and invite your agency photographer. Hosting a virtual event?  

Icon of a mouse arrow over "Go Virtual"You can screen capture or record the event to share your activity! Submitting your idea or event for a local zone award? These visuals are a great way to illustrate your creativity!