International Volunteer Day

What is International Volunteer Day?

Every year, on December 5th we recognize and promote International Volunteer Day. This Day began in 1985 by the United Nations as a way to thank the hard work volunteers do selflessly for and with charities globally.

This year, the CFC is inviting all federal employees and retirees to be part of a global network of amazing volunteers, and supplement your CFC gift with a pledge of volunteer hours. If you have volunteer hours pledged from last year, reach out to your charity and ask them how you can help fulfill those pledges - even virtually!

Many charities this year need help, even from home. You may be invited to use your professional skills or personal talents, and help them:

  • Balance a budget book
  • Tutor children after school
  • Translate documents
  • Review a legal contract
  • Put together a care or hygiene package
  • Check out more ways you can volunteer your time on the online CFC charity search.

International Volunteer Day is a great opportunity for charities to promote volunteerism and for all of us to recognize volunteer contributions globally; campaign workers, incorporate messaging on volunteerism and the importance of pledging your own hours in your #GivingTuesday messaging!

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