OPM Leadership Award

Please join the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) in congratulating Larry Hisle, Executive Director of the Heartland Federal Executive Board, as the recipient of the 2024 OPM Combined Federal Campaign Leadership Award.  Larry was selected for his outstanding leadership and voluntary service to the CFC and beyond for more than 25 years.  

Through service both as a charity executive and as a government employee, Larry has shown himself year-after-year as a highly motivated individual with proven success in team building and problem solving.  Larry has more than 25 years of management and personnel development experience including volunteer management, program coordination, marketing, sales management and training, employee and management relations, merchandising, advertising, recruiting, and hiring. 

Larry started his service to CFC as a local campaign administrator from 1999 through 2010.  At that point, he began his federal service as the Executive Director for the Greater Kansas City Federal Executive Board and has continued to advocate for the mission of the CFC through the present day in his government role.  

Throughout this time, Larry was a cornerstone of CFC providing training, teaching every aspect of the program from CFC 101 to Applied Marketing principles to thousands of Federal and charity stakeholders. He has also mentored countless local and national CFC leaders. 

Thanks to his long perspective, he was a significant contributor to OPM as it transitioned to new rules and operations in 2017, serving on several committees and subcommittees during that critical time. 

Larry leads a long-standing top 10 CFC – first through the Kansas City area and now the Heartland CFC Zone. While serving as the VP for the Greater Kansas City United Way, Larry was responsible for managing and directing the Combined Federal Campaign. During this time Larry had 12 years of consecutive growth leading the CFC, raising more than 37 million dollars! Since 2017 when the centralized giving system went live, Larry has helped to raise an additional $7 million for charities. Additionally, under his leadership the CFC has received 13 National Awards.  

We thank Larry for his service in practically every roll in the CFC: 

  • CFC Director – 12 years of service as a PCFO  
  • LFCC Member – 14 years of service as a federal employee 
  • LFCC chair – Numerous years of service  
  • National and Local Trainer 
  • National Committee and Panel Member 
  • Zone manager  
  • Charity Application Reviewer – Between serving as a PCFO and as a Fed, the application count of reviews he has done is massive. 
  • Campaign Coordinator 
  • Keyworker 
  • CFC Expert & Mentor – to other PCFO Directors, LFCC Members, FEB Directors, and countless volunteers 

Larry had the foresight to implement a “practical” merger of common management of two zones in the same Media Market (SMSA) – Heartland and Gateway CFC zones.  This helped to maintain the local nature of the campaigns in these two sister cities while at the same time, achieving some economies of scale to make the budgets and shared support services go further.  

Larry’s work has not been restricted to the local level. From 2017 through 2021, he served on the Technical Evaluation Panel to select the CFC zone Outreach Coordinator(s) for the task orders in the first contract.  Then, in 2022, he served again on the national Technical Evaluation Panel for the selection of the two contractors we have had moving forward.  

Larry puts his muscle behind CFC and building stronger communities.  He also is an active volunteer not only organizing and participating in service projects when CFC had annual conferences, but also with charities in his hometown. For the past decade, Larry has been a board member (including service as board president) for a local organization who's mission is to empower individuals with autism spectrum disorder and related disabilities to maximize their potential in family and community life.  In addition, for six years, he has been a board member (including service as board secretary) for another local organization that serves blind youths in Kansas and a Unit Commissioner for the local chapter of yet another youth development organization.