2023 CFC Promo Video Transcript

This video features scenes of Federal employees participating in the CFC GIVE HAPPY photo shoot and talking about why they GIVE HAPPY.

00:10 – Happiness to me

00:12 – is a feeling of being selfless and free.

00:15 – Happiness is where you feel good about helping somebody.

00:18 – You feel good about giving to somebody.

00:20 – It makes everybody understand that, hey, if you’re happy, I’m gonna let

00:25 – it rub off on me so then I can be happy and I can take that happiness

00:28 – and give it to somebody else so that it can change everything.

00:31 – I love singing

00:32 – for CFC because I get to see the smiles on everybody’s faces.

00:35 – It’s the opportunity to uplift and just to give somebody happiness.

00:39 – Come on and GIVE HAPPY.

00:42 – GIVE H – A – P – P – Y.

00:46 – Come on and GIVE HAPPY.

00:54 – Hi. My name is Tabitha Massenberg

00:56 – I am from the Transportation Security Administration

00:58 – under the Department of Homeland Security.

01:00 – And I like to GIVE HAPPY.

01:03 – My personal cause is childhood epilepsy.

01:05 – Last year, my now three-year old daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy.

01:10 – It has had a great impact on our lives,

01:12 – so the causes that provide research

01:14 – and medical care to children with epilepsy

01:17 – mean a lot to me.

01:18 – Everybody has a cause that they like to support

01:20 – and the CFC is a great way to do that.

01:22 – My name is Marni Downey.

01:23 – I work for the Department of the Navy

01:25 – and I love the CFC.

01:28 – GIVE HAPPY, get happy.

01:31 – The Combined Federal Campaign has about 5,000 charities.

01:35 – All of these charities are vetted

01:37 – and approved by the United States Office of Personnel Management.

01:39 – So I know that when I give through the CFC that I’m giving to trusted charities.

01:43 – When I give, it makes me feel good to know that I’m helping others

01:47 – and I’m making a difference in my world and the community around me.

01:52 – GIVE HAPPY. Get happy.

01:54 – Hi. My name is Lieutenant Colonel Gail Raymond.

01:56 – I am in the United States Army.

01:57 – And I’m Captain Kristen Dorfman, also from the United States Army.

02:01 – And we give through the CFC.

02:04 – Hi. My name is Lieutenant Junior Grade Nicolina Converso.

02:07 – I’m with the United States Coast Guard, and I love the CFC.

02:11 – GIVE HAPPY today at GiveCFC.org.

02:14 – My name is Elsy Moritaya.

02:17 – I am an Army veteran.

02:19 – CFC is an amazing campaign and you can donate to various charities.

02:22 – Personally, I donate to the homeless and to the animal shelters in our area.

02:27 – My name is Nicolas Morataya,

02:28 – AIC Morataya, and I work at Andrews maintenance.

02:32 – We are here together as I am raising the next generation of CFC givers.

02:34 – As a person who does volunteer for local shelters and homeless organizations,

02:40 – I’m very proud to be someone who gives to my community

02:42 – and someone who is giving time and service to my country.

02:44 – And I’m glad that I made my mother proud (remove period)

02:45 – in what I do.

02:47 – I’m Jada Keltz and I work for the United States Secret Service

02:50 – and I love to give through CFC.

02:53 – GIVE HAPPY!

02:59 – Hi. My name is Lieutenant Commander Tiffany Pearson.

03:02 – I’m a human resources officer in the United States Navy,

03:04 – and I give through the CFC.

03:07 – The type of causes I give to

03:08 – are centered around children, families, and underserved communities.

03:12 – because I also come from humble beginnings,

03:14 – and it just gives me a sense of motivation and purpose.

03:17 – I think other people should care

03:19 – and give through the CFC because if we have an abundance

03:21 – that’s just that much more to give our neighbor.

03:23 – It’s extremely easy to give through our pay.

03:26 – So, the same way we can set up an allotment for our rent, we can do it with CFC.

03:30 – You can set it and forget it.

03:32 – And your contribution just continues to give and give and give.

03:36 – GIVE HAPPY today at GiveCFC.org.

03:41 – My name is Mitch Sterkenburg.

03:42 – I work for the Farm Credit Administration, and I’m a true believer for the CFC.

03:49 – I’m Kelli Ware, and I am a Federal employee

03:52 – representing the Department of Veterans Affairs.

03:54 – As a child, I was a beneficiary of a charity that was part of CFC.

03:59 – And my life was made better because of the charitable giving

04:02 – of Federal employees like you.

04:04 – Studies show that when you GIVE HAPPY, you get happy too.

04:09 – Give today at GiveCFC.org.

04:14 – (Singing) GIVE HAPPY. GIVE HAPPY.