Message of Support from the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution

Dear Colleagues,

Every day, each of you serves our greater community, our nation, and our world through your role at the Smithsonian. And every year, your generous donations and pledges through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) further your impact by helping those in need. The thousands of trusted charities that take part in the CFC rely on your support.

The Smithsonian’s 2023 Combined Federal Campaign has launched and will continue until January 15, 2024. Since the establishment of the CFC by President Kennedy in 1961, the Federal community has come together to raise nearly $8.7 billion for local, national, and international charities. Our goal this year is a more modest $400,000, but we are confident we can exceed that with your help.

Thank you to Julissa Marenco, the Smithsonian’s Assistant Secretary for Communications and External Affairs and Chief Marketing Officer, who is serving as CFC Vice Chair, and to Ed Tudor and Michelle Gelhausen of the Office of Visitor Services who are supporting us in managing this Smithsonian-wide effort.

I believe in our collective power as employees of the Smithsonian and know that together we can make a difference. This year’s theme, Give Happy, reflects not only the joy we can bring to others in need, but also the deep satisfaction that comes from knowing that we are contributing to genuine change.

The CFC offers an easy, efficient, and effective way to give back. If you have pledged before, CFC Giving System makes it easy to renew your gift each year. You can also pledge through the CFC Giving mobile app. Time can be as valuable as money, so consider donating volunteer hours to your favorite cause.

If you are new to the CFC, visit to learn more about how you can join the movement. With multiple ways to give and so many charities to support, please consider a contribution through the CFC and Give Happy to the causes that mean the most to you.

Join your many colleagues in this combined effort to help others and stand with all in need. Please pledge today at and let’s make this our best CFC season yet.

Thank you for your continued support across the years for the Combined Federal Campaign and for all you do for our communities on behalf of the Smithsonian.


 Lonnie G. Bunch III | Secretary

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