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Solel International CFC number 44945

I am veteran Danny Asberry-El and we are Solel International CFC number 44945. Have you ever felt like your creativity would be somehow boxed and contained if you will... Our veteran ran nonprofit allows everyone young and old to realize their potential through the pathways of arts culture and continued education. Together with our creatives, we’ve made the first augmented reality murals in Houston Galveston, and the kingdom of Bahrain.

Maximo's Story

I want to introduce you to Maximo, one of our biggest movers and shakers at A Step Beyond. An amazing student in his freshman year of high school, Maximo’s dream is to go to UCLA, become a lawyer, and eventually run for public office. Maximo is well on his way to achieving his goals--he has a GPA of 3.86 and is already taking college classes. He will be the first in his family to graduate college. Will you help him achieve his goals?

“A Step Beyond has helped me build social skills, my dancing skills, to find my passions, and to become my true self.” says Maximo.

Honoring the Legacy of our Greatest Generation

Our great country is filled with beautiful museums, but Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum is the only one that sits on Ford Island, America’s WWII aviation battlefield. On December 7, 1941, the very grounds on which we are located became the site of the deadly attack on Pearl Harbor.

Each year, first hand memories of the December 7, 1941 attack grow dimmer. Yet the lessons learned, the strength and resilience of the American spirit that followed, remain vital – we must all remember Pearl Harbor.

Showcasing the Abilities of Artists with Disabilities in 2020

2020 marked Arts of Life’s 20th Anniversary year. Over two decades we have grown to run two art studios supporting 60 artists with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Chicago-land. For those marginalized by disability, Arts of Life supplies the rare opportunity to find meaningful work and a sense of community inclusion that can ultimately lead to dignity, freedom, choice, and a sense of belonging. There was much to celebrate, but instead our plans were cancelled and the year seemed doomed to end in a whimper.

Who We Are - Fantasy Playhouse Children's Theater & Academy

Since 1961, Fantasy Playhouse Children’s Theater & Academy has been an arts & Culture leader in North Alabama. We are a 501(c) Non-profit impacting more than 31,000 residents annually, including 21,000 children and youth. We provide theatre arts access through production, education and outreach while enriching the lives of children and families through theatre and arts education.

Your support of OPB makes trusted reporting, programs like Oregon Field Guide and so much more possible!

For over 30 years, OPB’s flagship program "Oregon Field Guide" has delivered engaging and informed coverage of environmental, geological, ecological and outdoor recreation topics, while providing audiences a window into the beauty of the Northwest. This beloved show is just one of the many programs on OPB made possible by member support.

Arts Adventures: Inclusive Art Programming for Students with Autism

Arts for Learning Virginia (A4L) has a long history of serving the children and families of Virginia, providing arts-integrated literacy programs that help pre-K to 12th grade students build academic and social-emotional skills. We are the leading provider of quality arts-in-education programming in the state, motivated by a firm belief that the creativity and critical thinking gained by exposure to the arts are essential aspects to a child’s development.