Finding employment success

In 1992, a young, single father of two small
sons was in a precarious situation. Like most
parents, he needed a job so he could support
his children. The hitch? Derek Burton has
limitations which affect his mobility and ability
to stand. But not his spirit or determination.
He’d worked for a decade at Sears, and
during his tenure there had earned his
associate’s degree in computer science from
Oklahoma City Community College. When
Derek heard Sears was closing that store, he
felt like a heavy weight had been placed on

Veteran Client That We Assisted in Finding a Great Civil Service Job

John was a returning Afghanistan Veteran. He could not find a job and was becoming very depressed. He was forced to live in his car due to his financial situation. We wrote him a usajobs.gov Federal Resume which took us over two hours. It included his varied military experience which we converted to civilian experience. We then helped him submit it to a local Naval Shipyard. He was subsequently notified that he had been selected for an interview at the shipyard. We then provided him with several hours of intensive one-on-one interview training.

Women entrepreneurs get back to business in India

Twenty-six-year-old Rosina Das runs a small grocery shop in her village near Balakati, Odisha, in eastern India. She and her husband own a small lot of land, but their crops don’t bring in enough money for them to provide for their two children and meet their household needs. Rosina needed another way to support her family, so she converted a small room in her house into a grocery store and became a small business owner. Her business quickly took off since there weren’t many other stores in her village.