CFC Charity Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for being a CFC-participating charity! The work you do inspires the generosity of the federal community.

Research has shown that donors who volunteer and make a monetary gift through the CFC give more than those who only make a monetary gift. So, this year, to help spark the volunteer spirit through the CFC, we are asking you to provide some supplemental specific examples of volunteer activities within your organization - if your charity (or in the case of a federation, one or more of your member charities) is listed for 2022 as accepting volunteer hours through the CFC. Given current environmental factors, please try to include as many virtual volunteer options as possible.

The volunteer opportunities you submit will be compiled into a database and shared throughout the 36 CFC zones.

This is your one chance to outline your 2022-2023 specific volunteer opportunities to Federal employees. The deadline to submit your volunteer opportunities is Thursday, Sept. 30.

Select the service area that best describes your VIRTUAL volunteer opportunity.
Select the service area that best describes your IN-PERSON volunteer opportunity.