Why the CFC?

Photos of five cause areas representing Children & Family Support, Food & Nutrition, Education, Global Health & Research, Mental Wellness

We know there are a lot of giving options out there. You might be wondering, why should I give through the CFC?

Here are a few great reasons:

1. Give through Payroll Deduction. Designate recurring gifts from each paycheck for a greater impact over time.

2. Give to Multiple Charities. Make all of your charitable donations and pledge volunteer hours in one place. 

3. Give for Greater Impact. The world is a better place when we give together. 

4. GIVE HAPPY! Studies show that when you give happiness, you get happy too.

Looking for even more reasons?

• Tax-deductible giving 

• Unrestricted funds for charities

• Easy to renew

• Long-standing federal tradition 

• Federal employees can even volunteer 

• Secure online giving platform

• Thousands of vetted charities

• Makes fundraising easy for charities