Awards Program - Garden Empire CFC

Recognizing donors, campaign workers, and units/installations for their efforts during the campaign season is a critical component to promoting the campaign and is vital to the health and overall success of the campaign. 

Photo of Federal Employee with her hand upNational OPM Awards

Each year, OPM recognizes the efforts of CFC Heroes and CFC Innovators. Check out some of the past winners and nominees.

Agency Awards

At the end of the campaign, agencies, installations, offices, and/or units will be presented with signed, digital certificates (suitable for printing) recognizing their achievements. If you have not received your award please contact your CFC representative or email CFC [email protected].

  • Million Dollar Award - raised more than $1 Million in donations
  • Everest Award - increased total dollars raised by 3% OR increased participation by 3%
  • Summit Award - increased total dollars raised by 1% OR increased participation by 1%
  • Volunteer Spirit Award - increased total number of volunteer donors or hours pledged by 2%
  • Chairperson's Award - 50% employee participation OR $175 per capita gift
  • Honor Award - 40% employee participation or $125 per capita gift

Campaign Worker Awards

  • Certificate of Appreciation - awarded to each Keyworker in appreciation of their support of the campaign
  • Champion Award - presented to each Campaign Manager to celebrate their leadership and support of the campaign
  • Years of Service Award - downloadable certificate honoring those who have served as a campaign worker for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 years

Campaign Contest

Submissions due January 31, 2024! Click the button below to submit your entry.

The campaign contest awards recognize campaign workers for their leadership and support during the CFC through specific activities accomplished through the campaign period.  Submissions will be evaluated and winners will be announced by small, medium, and large agencies per category at the Finale & Awards Ceremony in late February 2024. The four contest categories are:

  1. Executive Involvement - Awarded to the department, agency, or reporting unit that demonstrates the best involvement of senior leadership (department/agency head) in the implementation of campaign activities, events, and/or communications. 
  2. Innovation - Awarded to the department, agency, or reporting unit that implemented new and creative practices that resulted in increased contributions, participation, and/or education about the CFC. 
  3. Best Special Event - Awarded to the department, agency, or reporting unit with the most outstanding campaign rally, kickoff, volunteer involvement, day of caring, or other events.
  4. Best Digital Media - Awarded to the department, agency, or reporting unit that produces the most creative and effective brief video (not a video of an event or kickoff), digital media, social media, and images to promote the CFC.

Garden Empire CFC Unit Awards

Click the play button below to view a video featuring this year's award winners. Congratulations to all!