All Dog Rescue, Inc.

All Dog Rescue, Inc.

Molly's Story - Happy Trails
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Molly from All Dog Rescue
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Bill Cullen

Molly came to All Dog Rescue Inc. with a torn cruciate and unable to walk. Thanks to the generous donations from your organization and others, Molly was able to have surgery and fully recover. She's got a great like with adopter and is able to run, jump and swim!

All Dog Rescue Helps Molly Thanks to Generous Donations

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Photo: A yellow dog sitting and looking at the camera .
Text: “Hi – I’m Molly!”

Photo: Molly playing in the snow with a black dog.
Text: “I love to run and play, but I need a home”

Photo: Molly laying on a couch, in pain with an illustrated thought bubble of an anatomical knee diagram
Text: “I also have a torn cruciate ligament in my knee that hurts a lot.”

Photo: Molly in front of a brick building posing for a picture with veterinary staff. All Dog Rescue’s logo is to the right of the photo.
Text: “All Dog Rescue is here to help”

Photo: Molly sitting in the back of a car with a shaved leg looking happy after surgery.
Text: “They took care of the surgery for my knee”

Photo: Molly sitting contently on a plush dog bed
Text: “My knee is so much better and I’m happy to rest for a bit”
Photo appears over previous photo: Molly sleeping after surgery with a shaved leg
Photo appears over previous photos: Molly wearing a protective collar on a couch
Text: “It takes a lot of love, work, and time, but my knee is feeling good!”
Photo appears over previous photos: Molly laying down in front of a bowl of food
Photo appears over previous photos: Molly laying outside in the grass wearing a sling
Text: “Time to get out and play”

Video: Molly playing outside with a black and white dog in the snow.
Text: “Not too much!”

Photo: Molly outside in the snow wearing a sweater
Text: “Almost ready…”

Photo: Molly standing in a lake in front of some geese, smiling.
Text: “I’m back thanks to your support!”

Photo: Sun setting on a still lake with the All Dog Rescue logo and a picture of molly above it.
Text: “All Dog Rescue 2023”
Fades to black

All Dog Rescue, Inc.
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