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Bernice's Inspiring Journey
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Bernice arrived in desperate need of medical attention. Here is her journey to good health and adoption!

This beautiful cat is Bernice. Her journey from desperation to a heartwarming success story embodies the true spirit of our mission at Animal Friends Alliance. Today, we share her inspiring story to remind you of your vital role in making these success stories possible.

In April 2023, Bernice was trapped and brought into our care through our Community Cat Program. She was in dire need of our resources, battling double ear infections, upper respiratory infections, and a painful dental condition that required the extraction of all her affected teeth due to a mouth abscess. With the dedication of our exceptional vet team and a devoted foster, Bernice embarked on her road to recovery.

We're overjoyed to share that Bernice was adopted in June. Her new loving family recently sent us an uplifting update that warms our hearts. She's settling in beautifully alongside a 15-year-old tabby named Gizmo and two canine companions. Bernice's vibrant personality shines through as she fearlessly seeks pets, engages in cheerful meow conversations, and even playfully investigates everybody's food!

But there's more to Bernice's story. Her journey is a testament to the daily impact we strive to make for the animals who need us. She's just one of the 677 cats we've been able to assist through our Community Cat Program this year. Each success story is a tribute to the fantastic support from compassionate individuals like you. Your generosity sustains our life-saving efforts. It allows us to provide medical care, shelter, and love for animals like Bernice, who need it the most. Without your continued support, stories like Bernice's would remain untold.

We look forward to sharing more success stories with you in the future.

Animal Friends Alliance's Mission

At Animal Friends Alliance we are on a mission to provide comprehensive companion animal resources, services, and education to the community to prevent pet homelessness and promote the human animal bond. We do this by offering the public a subsidized spay, neuter, and vaccine clinic. Ensuring the health and hippieness of countless furry friends. We provide pet food to those in need through our Kibble Supply Pantry making sure no pet goes to bed hungry. Our Community Cat Program is transforming the lives of community cats through trap-neuter-release efforts, giving them a chance at a better future. Our Canine Behavior Veterinarian offers training to dog parents needing resources, creating strong relationships between humans and their four legged family members. And that's not all, we help thousands of animals a year find loving homes bringing joy and happiness to countless families. Join us today, together we can create a world where all companion animals experience a healthy home where they are wanted, cared for, and loved. We are changing lives, one paw at a time.

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