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CFC Video 2020 – Transcript:
Black – Text on screen
Blue – Image description

Throughout the video, music plays in the background and a small blue and grey North Shore Animal League America Logo is in the upper right corner of the screen with its CFC #48902 under the logo in white. There is white text across the bottom of the screen continually throughout the video.

1. Over 8 million dogs and cats will end up in shelters this year.
Video begins with slow music and the video slowly zooms in on a scared black and white puppy wearing a medical cone, with the stainless steel back of the cage behind him. The puppy looks directly at the viewer, then glancing sideways and up to the left.

2. Approximately 2 million of them will be put to death needlessly.
Image and text change. A mama dog and six puppies appear in a crate, the mama dog is sitting on the far left up against the side of the crate, and view of her head is cut off at the top of the screen. The video slowly zooms out revealing the mama dog’s full face, ears down and back in rear, and eyes pleading to the viewer for help and compassion. The six puppies are all huddled around the mama looking scared and sad. One puppy is upright, leaning over one of his siblings to the front, bracing his two front paws against the front of the crate.

3. That’s one senseless death every 15 seconds – 4 just during this video…
Image and text change. A small white cat with large black spot from left eye to top of his head and a second smaller black spot above his right eye and next to his right ear, creating a thin strip of white fur parting the two black markings. Behind the cat is a veterinarian, putting on gloves, to examine the kitty, while a veterinary technician gently holds the cat and caringly pets his head to calm him down. As the video zooms in, the cat lifts his head looking straight at the viewer, revealing his neglected condition, a black marking on his pink nose, and a battered right ear.

4. You have the power to change their fate – the power to save their lives.
Image and text change. Video zooms in on an adorable, sad, mostly black hound mix puppy with white markings around his black nose and thin white line of fur running up in between his big sad almost black eyes. His shaking ears stick out to the sides like airplane wings, turned down at the tips. He looks straight into the camera as it closes in for his close-up, then he glances away.

5. North Shore Animal League America rescues and assists in emergencies across the country.
Image and text change. The camera slowly zooms in on a photo of eight Pomeranian puppies. Eight dark brown and tan mix, light brown, and cream puppies, crowded into a crate, made only for one dog, in the back of a pickup truck. They are on top of each other, all facing out, pressed against the crate, all sixteen eyes on the viewer, pleading to be rescued from a backyard breeder.

6. Saving the abandoned, abused, or injured – no-kill over 75 years, providing unparalleled medical attention, compassion and care.
Image and text change. A video shows a veterinary technician’s left torso, left arm and hand holding a new born black kitten with white paws, so young her eyes are still closed. The technician’s right hand is feeding the kitten with formula from a syringe. The technician is wearing blue surgical gloves, there is a clip board under her left elbow and a digital thermometer to the right of the kitten.
Text remains the same while the image changes to a beautiful, young, medium size, camel-colored hound mix with white shoulders, chest, front legs, and around his mouth and nose with a wide white strip up between his eyes and over his head. The dog licks his mouth and looks around, as he walks on a treadmill in water up to his mid chest, in our clear glass Aqua Therapy tank.

7. From near death to a responsible, loving home, their journey begins with you.
Image and text change. On an examining table, an emaciated tan hound mix, is so weak he can barely stand; facing to the left, a full side view shows his dehydrated fur coat clinging to all his bones, outlining his ribs, and revealing his extreme state of malnutrition. A veterinarian, wearing a yellow disposable exam coat and stethoscope, view of him cut off above the shoulders, stands behind the dog examining him.
Text remains the same while the image fades to the same dog, after months of treatment, therapy, weight gain, and love. He is sitting outside on whitish pebbles, facing right, the sun shining on his resilient, healthy coat. Happy and ready to play.

8. We need your participation now more than ever!
Image and text change. A short hair grey cat appears, battered, and injured, fur missing from both mid front paws. The cat’s right ear is partially missing and the left side of his face is bloody and badly damaged; he looks like he might lose his left eye.
Text remains the same while the image fades to the same cat after surgery, medical treatment and care. A healthy grey cat with two stunning green eyes, both fully recovered. You can now see this handsome grey face has white markings below his black nose and blow his left lip.

9. Your commitment provides second chances, new beginnings and happy endings…
Image and text change. The sweetest little brown miniature poodle lying on an examining table, only his head resting on a white towel and shoulder are showing; the examining veterinarian’s blue gloved hand gently holding the dogs shoulder.
Text remains the same the image fades to the same dog after multiple surgeries, treatment, and therapy, to show him walking briskly, away from the camera on a brick walk way, with the aid of a wheeled walker, especially designed and made for him and fitted with a personalized, yellow license plate on the back that reads PRINCE in black letters. A veterinarian, to the left of Prince, holds his leash and walks alongside him.
Text remains the same the image changes to Prince running along a paved walkway, on just his two front legs, happy and having fun. Green grass at the top of the screen along the side of the pathway.

10. …for the defenseless animals that need you most.
Image and text change. A young, female staff member, with her brown hair in braids, faces right, eyes closed; she is holding an adorable Shepherd mix puppy to her shoulder, his head blocking her face below her eye. The top of the puppies head and ears are golden colored, with a little white around the right side of his nose, a thin white line of fur on the bridge of his nose, and has dark brownish black face, with perfect downward curled white whiskers, both his eyes are symmetrically surrounded by tan fur in rounded triangles pointing inward and up to his forehead. His big, very dark brown eyes look directly at you; a thin line of white framing the bottom half of each eye, expressing helplessness, sadness, and begging to be saved.
Text remains the same and the image fades to two brindle-patterned puppies, with white around their noses, a line of white up the center of their foreheads and white chests, these two look like twins. They are being held, one in each hand, by a staff member, only his zippered sweat shirt and arms show with the dogs. The sweat shirt reads “North Shore Animal League America” in white small letters across the chest, below that larger and in red, the word “RESCUE” with a small white image of a cat and dog over the “C” and ‘U” in RESCUE. Both puppies look sweetly right into the viewer’s eyes.

11. Please choose Animal League America and sign up today to help save lives tomorrow. CFC #48902
Image and text change. Two precious black and white kittens are curled up together, the solid stainless steel back of their cage behind them. The one in front lying on his left side facing out, head to the right, he gazes out looking off as if dreaming about his bright future. Behind him, his sibling is curled up closely and his nose buried in his brothers back only his sleepy eyes showing; then he lifts his head, rests his chin on the front kitten’s neck, wiggles his head into a comfortable position and closes his eyes for a peaceful nap. The small North Shore Animal League America logo and CFC number, 48902, in the top right corner of the screen fade away.

The white text remains the same at the bottom of the page, the image fades to a black screen with a large blue and grey North Shore Animal League America Logo in the center.

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