Animal Protective League of Springfield and Sangamon County

Animal Protective League of Springfield and Sangamon County

A Second Chance for Arcadia
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Arcadia arrives at APL for care and assessment from staff following her incident.
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Arcadia is a sweet little kitten who was hit by a car and suffered broken bones and permanent nerve damage in her leg - not an easy way to start your life! Fortunately for her, a
kind bystander saw the incident and came to her rescue immediately. Knowing of the lifesaving work that Animal Protective League (APL) does for sick and injured animals, the woman took
Arcadia straight there. That’s when Arcadia’s luck changed. Upon arriving at Animal Protective League, she was promptly examined and given pain medicine for her broken pelvis and rear leg. Thankfully, her pelvis healed, but her leg was permanently damaged due to the severity of the injuries and it required amputation. While waiting for her surgery, Arcadia had the opportunity to live with one of the kind fosters in APL’s animal foster program where she received lots of love, a cozy bed, food, and certainly a couple treats here and there. Arcadia’s amputation was successful and gave her freedom from pain and difficulty getting around. Arcadia’s story gets even better! Following her surgery she was adopted by the woman who rescued her after the accident. Thanks to the kind rescuer and the lifesaving efforts of the staff at APL, Arcadia lives with a loving family in a happy home, free from pain and distress. Arcadia has the life that she has always deserved.

Animal Protective League's Mission

APL's mission is to find loving homes for every healthy, adoptable animal and we're really centered on making Sangamon County a no-kill county. We are doing that by having the spay/neuter clinic and spay/neutering all of the animals that we can find and also an adoption center that is adopting out animals and finding them homes if they've been abandoned, abused, or neglected. We have something for everyone here as a volunteer or they can even foster and take animals into their home and take care of them until we have space here at the shelter.

Animal Protective League of Springfield and Sangamon County
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