Animal Rescue & Veteran Support Services Corp

Animal Rescue & Veteran Support Services Corp

Bear and Queen dress up for adoption
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Bear and Queen with volunteers
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Christi Hubbard

Bear and Queen came to Veteran Rescue as a bonded pair. They were fairly feral dogs. We had them for several years before Bear was adopted to a Veteran. Numa was already well trained upon his arrival and his adoptive family doted on him until his death this past summer. It took years of hard work, veterinarian services to spay and neuter them, put them on flea and parasite meds. We trained them and Numa helped us train them not to bite people, attack other dogs, cats, or birds. All 3 were adopted, cared for, and loved. This was only made possible by your donations.

Veteran Rescue PSA

Hello. I'm Heidi Marie Ferren and for the past five years I've served our armed forces as Miss USO. I've joined forces with Veteran Rescue an organization committed to serving those who serve through Equine and other therapies as well as numerous other programs to support those who are supporting us.

I urge you to go to today and pledge your support. Let's make a difference in the lives of those making a difference in ours.

Animal Rescue & Veteran Support Services Corp
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