Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County

Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County

Fonzie is looking for his fur-ever family
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Fonzie the cat

Sweet and affectionate Fonzie has the gorgeous markings of a Bengal cat. Rescued from the streets during the COVID-19 pandemic, Fonzie is now happy to be an indoor cat. He loves having his head, cheek, chin and even his belly and feet scratched! He also enjoys binge-watching TV and napping next to his foster parent. Being a young cat, Fonzie is playful and delights in his foster’s resident cats and stream of kittens that come and go. And you will always get a recap of his day because Fonzie will make sure to come talk to you in the evenings. Like us all, Fonzie has his likes and dislikes. He is a four-feet-on-the-floor kind of guy and is, therefore, not a big fan of being picked up. Fonzie is looking for a patient person who would be happy with a calm kitty companion rather than a lap cat. If you are interested in adopting Fonzie please contact us for more information.

Kitty Fonzie and his toy

A kitty cat named Fonzie is enjoying his cat toy.

Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County
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