Asian Youth Center (AYC)

Asian Youth Center (AYC)

AYC Youth in Action
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Afterschool youth learning about STEM projects

Johnathan is from a low-income family of 4. He is in the first grade and loves

Spiderman. Before coming to AYC, Johnathan had a hard time following.

appropriate classroom behavior. He had trouble staying in his seat and being

respectful towards others. He had trouble making friends and was a little shy.

Although his math abilities were at the appropriate grade level, he

struggled with spelling.

AYC’s Education Enrichment Services department provides students with

academic and social-emotional learning opportunities. We host weekly workshops.

to help the youth in our community deal with emotions and social interactions. As

we worked with Johnathan; we have seen his behavior improve. He can recognize.

when he does something wrong and does a good job of holding himself

accountable for his actions. He has made friends at AYC and is much more

comfortable asking questions and making jokes. Through various activities,

we have seen his improvement in spelling. We are excited to watch him grow as

a student and as an individual.

AYC in Action

The Asian Youth Center was founded in 1989 by Asian Immigrant Community leaders in order to address the unmet needs of low-income and at-risk Asian immigrant youth in the San Gabriel
Valley which is home to more Asian Americans than in 42 States.
Today AYC provides educational enrichment social and employment services for all Youth and Community outreach education and engagement across half of Los Angeles County. In
California last year AYC served more than 2,500 unduplicated individuals and conducted more than 125,000 Community engagement and education contacts in Mandarin Cantonese
Vietnamese Spanish and English
AYC helps youth succeed in school at work and in life!

Asian Youth Center (AYC)
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