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Mona with Shelter Medicine Team

Mona was left outside the doors of the Atlanta Humane Society in a backpack. Her leg was severely broken, and after assessing her condition and examining X-rays, our Shelter Medicine team knew that the most effective way to alleviate her pain was to amputate her injured leg. After surgery, we gave Mona the time she needed to rest and recover in a safe place surrounded by love. Mona’s life was on the line when she was abandoned, but thanks to the care she received at Atlanta Humane, she is on the path to finding a loving new family.

Across our community, dogs and cats are suffering. Homeless… abandoned…
sometimes abused or neglected… these animals are in dire need of urgent support for their healing and recovery. It is only through the compassion and generosity of neighbors like you that we can improve the lives of animals like Mona and save those who are neglected and abused.

After surgery, Mona needed time to rest and recover. She’s been surrounded with love and attention ever since. Very soon, I’m sure Mona will find a new adoptive family to love her.

Through your dedicated support of Atlanta Humane, you’ve made such a difference in the lives of Atlanta’s most vulnerable animals. Please help provide the lifesaving resources necessary to rescue and heal them. With your help, each one will be placed in a loving forever home.

Welcome to the Atlanta Humane Society

The Atlanta Humane Society is changing the way our community looks at animal care. We believe every animal deserves care and we are a resource for those who need it the most. Our animal protection unit rescues the abused and neglected. Our animal care teams provide behavior training programs for our animals while they are in our care. Our shelter medicine team treats everything from mending broken bones to fighting deadly diseases. Our community outreach team supports pet owners in need with resources to care for their pets. Thanks to a restricted gift from a generous donor our statewide outreach team is working with shelters from across the state to provide facility upgrades to save more lives. Our veterinary center, Remedy your community vet, is providing affordable veterinary care so pets can stay with their families who love them. Atlanta Humane is leading the charge in caring for dogs and cats in our community, whether we are treating wounds, leading a life saving rescue, or enabling a family to keep their beloved pet, the greatest gift the Atlanta Humane Society provides is hope.

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