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Creating Hope Through Employment: Stephanie’s Story
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Stephanie in front of Bayaud Laundry Truck
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Stephanie, a domestic violence survivor, was living in her car when she heard about Bayaud’s mobile laundry truck. “It was the best thing ever! I got to know folks at the laundry and get my clothes washed.” The mobile service vehicles are part of Bayaud’s low barrier services that operate at a variety of locations around the Denver Metro area. They provide FREE shower and laundry services to community members who are unhoused.

For Stephanie, clean laundry was just the first step in her journey with Bayaud. She enrolled in Bayaud’s Adams County DayWorks 10-week program and then started working part-time for Bayaud in temporary shelters.

Now Stephanie is a Field Lead with one of the laundry trucks. “I love being out in the field getting to know the people. I can relate to what they’re going through, and I can help them. I listen to them and can even refer them to the DayWorks programs.”

Stephanie’s story doesn’t stop there. As a result of the support she’s received through Bayuad, and its collaboration with nonprofit partnerships, Bayaud Navigators helped her to secure a tiny home residence. And now she’s been approved for permanent housing in Denver.

We are proud of Stephanie’s success on her road to self-sufficiency that achieves Bayaud’s mission to create Hope, Opportunity, and Choice, with work as the means through which people can more fully participate in the mainstream of life.

Creating Hope Through Employment: Bayaud Enterprises

Bayaud Enterprises Video Transcript for Combined Federal Campaign
David Henninger, Founder and Former Executive Director: I've been involved with Bayaud since 1969. Bayaud was created as a community-based employment service program. Our new Executive Director, Tammy and her staff are going to provide information about what does a dollar a day do for the individuals that Bayaud serves.

Tammy Bellofatto, Bayaud Executive Director: Thank you for your generosity and kindness. Our mission is to provide Hope, Opportunity and Choice for people with disabilities and other hurdles to employment get back into the mainstream of life.
Tammy Bellofatto on Job readiness programs: For a dollar a day Bayaud can provide eight pairs of work boots to our participants getting jobs in our community.

Brenda Trupp on Job readiness programs: For a dollar a day, for one year, we can provide 15 hours of job readiness skills and interview preparation.

Juanita Montoya on Hope Food Pantry: For a dollar day for a year, we can purchase 186 pounds of food to feed our community and our seniors and our people with disabilities.

Tammy Bellofatto, Bayaud Executive Director: For a dollar a day we can reduce barriers to employment by providing comprehensive, culturally responsive trauma-informed interventions to improve outcomes for participants that advance self-sufficiency, health and social well-being.

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