Best Friends Animal Society

Best Friends Animal Society


Together, we can, SAVE THEM ALL.

Sweeping view of the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary sign. Narrator, “Founded in 1984, Best Friends Animal Society”
Dog shown outside, Narrator, “is a leading national animal welfare organization
Woman holding a cat outside, Narrator, “dedicated to saving the lives of dogs and cat in America’s shelters and ensuring that they find loving, permanent homes.”
Side by side shots of a man being licked by his dog and a women being licked by her dog.
People inside a Best Friends pet lifesaving center, Narrator, “In addition to running pet lifesaving centers around the country,”
Another view inside the pet center, showing kennels with dogs inside ready for adoption and then a sky view of the facility is shown, Narrator, “Best Friends operates the nation’s largest no-kill sanctuary for companion animals”
Women on hill with her dog and a dog playing with a giant ball, Narrator, “in Kanab, Utah.”
Women petting a happy dogs head and cats playing, Narrator, “Our pioneering programs and campaigns”
Shots side by side of a kitten, dog, and rabbit, Narrator, “are rooted in the idea that each animal is an individual,”
Shots side by side of a dog, kitten, and parrots, Narrator, “are rooted in the idea that each animal is an individual, each with a life worth saving.”
Dog smiling at the camera, man holding a dog outside a Best Friends Pet Adoption and Spay/Neuter Center, people at a vaccination counter, and mom and son leaving with a pet, and women with dog, Narrator, “Providing spay/neuter services to pets in underserved neighborhoods,”
Women and Man each holding a kitten and women with a dog, Narrator, ”creating innovative adoption programs,”
A shot of a person putting a “I’ve been adopted!” sign on a dog “Adopt me” photo and a women smiling with a dog, and
women walking to the Capital with her dog and taking a photo with legislators, Narrator, “working nationwide with local governments to ensure humane legislation for dogs and cats”
Puppies being cute are shown, “and fighting puppy mills”
Women holding a puppy, “are just a few of the ways we’re saving lives.”
Women with a cat then a lot of people waving at the camera, “Best Friends partners with rescue groups and communities around the country,”
Women very excited to be handed a dog and then hugging the dog, “and with caring people like you, to reduce the number of anima’s entering shelters each year.”
Women petting a dog and a man and women walking/petting a dog and a dog getting an eye exam, “And by making a gift today, you’re part of these lifesaving efforts.”
Women smiling at a dog, Narrator, “Thank you for caring about homeless animals.”
Many pictures of dogs and cats are shown, Narrator, “Together, we can, SAVE THEM ALL.”
Logo and website are shown.

Best Friends Animal Society
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