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Scooby's Story
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Scooby settles into his foster home
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Laura Sharp

Scooby was found on April 24th by good samaritans on the I-95 at Route 3 exit ramp in Fredericksburg Virginia. Almost completely hairless, he was barely able to lift his head or support his own body weight due to starvation. They rushed him to the Spotsylvania County Animal Shelter who in turn contacted our rescue for help.

One of our foster parents picked up Scooby from the shelter, got him settled into her home and then to our vet for immediate medical care. Our vet estimated he was around 3 months old, but he only weighed 14 pounds. Scooby was diagnosed with severe Demodex Mange. His face was so swollen that his left eye was swollen shut. He had eye infections in both eyes and showed some signs of malnutrition as well. After all the tests were completed, it was determined that Scooby’s condition was strictly due to neglect.

With just one month of proper care and nutrition, Scooby’s condition turned around. He had gained 9 pounds in just the first three weeks in foster care. His hair started growing back and he started acting liking a normal pit bull puppy…happy, playful and seeking lots human attention. Scooby completed all his puppy vaccinations, and once healthy enough, he was neutered and microchipped. Then just two months after coming into our rescue, Scooby was adopted by a family in Springfield Virginia.

Today, Scooby is a stunning boy with a beautiful, blue merle coat weighing 47 pounds. His mom tells us that he loves chewing on bones, and destroying anything that has a squeaker or is stuffed. She loves how goofy and chill he is, and that he makes the perfect additional to their family.

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