Brevard Achievement Center (BAC)

Brevard Achievement Center (BAC)

Twenty Five (25) Years On the Job!
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BAC employee Clayton Gage working outside the iconic Cape Canaveral Space Force Station lighthouse
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Keri Goff, BAC

For Clayton Gage, working at the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station has been a lifetime career. Earlier this year, he celebrated his 25th work anniversary! Clayton began working for BAC in 1997, during the same time that BAC started its very first custodial contract.

Clayton began as a part-time custodian working at “a very cool place, we watch rockets launch during our lunch break.” Now, he is a full-time employee serving both our military and space industry with his work at the “Cape”.

“Not only do I work on this contract, I also do Special Olympics,” remarked Clayton, “Right now I’m in swim season, but I also do volleyball, softball, bowling and I used to do horseshoes too.”

Clayton’s favorite part of participating in the Special Olympics is playing left field in softball.

What Clayton likes most about his job is coming in before his shift starts to “sit down and have a chat and a cup of coffee” with his coworkers. Having a good relationship with his team is important to Clayton and he especially likes to celebrate milestones and holidays with his coworkers.

“I am proud to keep up with this contract, I have a good job” stated Clayton. “I am thankful to BAC.”

The entire team at BAC’s CCSFS custodial contract site celebrated the 25th anniversary of the contract with a luncheon, cake and recognition of those who have had a lasting impact. Clayton is not the only member of Team BAC who has been working on the contract for 25 years, also celebrated at the gathering were: Perstheen Flowers, James Fox, Alan Johnson, Frank Kapr, Reginald Philips
and David Thomas.

Thank you all for your hard work and 25 years of dedication!

“The ability to hold a service contract for so long is a direct reflection of the quality of work done by Team BAC. What all our employees do every day helps us push our mission forward and continue to grow and serve more individuals.” stated Amar Patel, President & CEO, during the celebration.

A Very Grateful Person Named Patrick

Hello, my name is Richard Fuller, and I'm a local pastor in our community, and I have an autistic son named Patrick. And now, because of the investment, because he's learned typing skills and learned how to interview and all the things to help him prepare for work and on the job training.

Lotane and Associates, the law office in Cocoa, after twelve weeks of on the job training, said we want to hire Patrick not as a charity case, but because he is doing great work. Just know that you are making the difference in the lives of the special needs community and also our community as a whole.

So remember that there is a very grateful person named Patrick that wants to say thank you.

Brevard Achievement Center (BAC)
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