A Fighting Chance Foundation

A Fighting Chance Foundation

We strive to keep Virginia pets healthy and in their homes by subsidizing emergency medical care for ill pets of the those whose total household income does not exceed the current Federal poverty guidelines (www.afightingchancefoundation.org).

Trixie's Story
Trixie's massive growth
Photo Caption
Trixie's massive growth was removed, giving her a freedom she hadn't known in years.

Trixie is a sweet, local dog who was suffering from a fast-growing mass on her abdomen. Her family and concerned neighbors were very worried about her well-being and comfort as the mass continued to grow to 3.5 pounds hanging from this small dog's belly! Unfortunately, her family was not in a position to afford the much-needed surgery for Trixie at that time. Caring friends and neighbors stepped in and contacted a local vet and A Fighting Chance Foundation. We were able to contribute to the surgery and, with the help of several donors, Trixie's costs were covered. Weeks following the surgery, Trixie's family contact us and let us know she was doing great and living her best life. A Fighting Chance Foundation is thrilled to contribute to Trixie's surgery and new 'leash' on life.

A Fighting Chance Foundation
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