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Hale Kipa

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Youth near abandoned car
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Gerard Elmore

It takes a village to raise a child and to ensure youth thrive from childhood to adulthood. Hale Kipa's many services ensure a successful transition including healing from trauma so that youth can thrive; creating a journey towards a bright future filled with dreams, sustainability and aloha.

Hale Kipa’s 60 second Transitions video

Transcript for Hale Kipa’s 60 second Transitions video
[Indistinct background music]
Fade in to a low, tight shot of a woman wearing a green jacket, walking in a wooded area. The text reads: Wainani Lee, Hale Kipa Intensive Mentor.
Wainani: Weʻre willing to go out there.
Close up shot of the woman’s face with corrugated metal structures in the background.
Wainani: Weʻre willing to be first in line... to figure out whatʻs going on. Weʻre willing to give what is given to us.
Tight shot of the woman walking on a dirt path between corrugated metal structures.
Wainani: Weʻre willing to go beyond the call of duty.
A girl in a black t-shirt walks past a partially dismantled car with a cracked windshield. An encampment of tents is seen in the background.
Male voice (Kameaaloha): We respond to crisis situations.
Another girl stares off in the distant as she leans on a metal structure. Strands of barbed wire can be seen against a wall in the foreground.
Male voice (Kameaaloha): Weʻre there on call 24/7.
A man wearing an aloha shirt, looks off to the left. Blurred tall buildings of the city along the ocean can be seen in the background. The text reads: Kameaaloha Wong, Hale Kipa, Hilo.
Kameaaloha: We celebrate the good times with them.
A front view of the man with the bright sky, blurred tall building, and ocean in the background. He slowly folds his arms in front of him.
Kameaaloha: We encourage and motivate them. But weʻre just someone they can look up to. That they can count on.
A partially wooded area where a tall wire fence and tall lamp posts are seen in the distance. A group of three girls walk, single file, along a path flanked by overgrown grass. The lead girl is carrying a toddler.
Girl in the black t-shirt (Mylanta): So, right now Iʻm thinking about after I graduate...
A dirt ball field with patches of grass surrounded by tall wire fences and tall lamp posts. Low, brown mountains can be seen in the background. The girl in the black t-shirt presses a cell phone to her ear. Another girl holds the hand of the toddler as he attempts to walk.
Girl in the black t-shirt (Mylanta): I find a job...
[Soft music builds in the background]
The girl in the black t-shirt stands precariously on boulders at the water’s edge. The ocean and low mountains are seen in the background. The text reads: Mylanta Michaels, Hale Kipa.
Mylanta: Save up the amount of money I can to attend LCC or HCC...
Extreme close up of the girl’s face. She’s looking longingly at the ocean as loose strands of her hair blow in the wind. The girl smiles brightly.
Mylanta: just take this opportunity to grow.
Another girl with stud earrings looks off in contemplation. The text reads: Jomery Rotenis, Hale Kipa.
Jomery: With their help, I have accomplished a lot.
The girl with the toddler continues to help the child walk.
Jomery: When we couldnʻt stand, they stood up for us. When we had nothing, they provided.
Girl with stud earrings shyly covers her mouth to contain her exuberant smile. The silhouette of the girl in the black t-shirt is seen in front of the sun. The girl with the toddler lifts him in the air and kisses his cheek.
Yasmine: My goal is to graduate high school and go to college.
Inside a building, a girl, draped in flowered lei is hugged and kissed by an older woman. The girl and a woman join hands. The text reads: Yasmine Carvalho, Hale Kipa.
Yasmine: I want to go to college for law & administration. And eventually, be a cop.
An assortment of people, including the woman in the green jacket, join hands and forms an unbroken circle. The girl in the lei concludes the prayer with confidence in her voice.
Yasmine: The streets is not the answer. Never is. Never will be. Amen.
A logo with a stylized person with arms raised while jumping up appears. The text reads: Hale Kipa, For more information, please visit http://www.halekipa.org/
[Soft background music is replaced by a short period of soft, joyful laughter]

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