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Winslo, Our Blind Dog - Another Medical Miracle
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Winslo - This pup has won all our hearts
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Emily Zea

Winslo (Winny) was found on the streets of Baltimore and turned into BARCS – Baltimore Animal Care and Rescue Shelter. It was guesstimated that he was likely about 10 years old. He was matted, dirty and had terribly infected eyes.

The little guy was adopted and sent home with instructions to administer eye drops. Likely because his eyes were so painful, Winslo would not allow his family to put in his eye drops. Frustrated and sad they returned him to the shelter.

It became apparent that Winny would need both of his eyes removed in order to have a quality and pain-free life. Jeanne with MASTER rescue learned of Winslo and his need for 24/7 care and a foster home that would be willing to deal with his fear of being picked up and having his face touched.

House with a Heart was eager to be the loving landing place for Mr. Winslo. Winny does have issues and fears about being picked up, he will try to snap….BUT…. if you are willing to sit on the floor with him he LOVES to be rubbed, and petted, and scratched all over – including his face, now that he is no longer in pain. We can totally adapt to his not wanting to be held on a lap. We are loving him just the way he is!!!

Here is his journey, and how YOUR donations to the K-9 & Kitty Medical Miracle Fund made this all possible:

Winslo is a remarkable dog who has overcome tremendous odds.

Winslo's journey began when he was found as a stray, in terrible condition. Severely malnourished and suffering from various ailments, it was clear that he had endured a difficult life on the streets. We have no knowledge of his past or what he went through, but we are committed to giving him the love and care he deserves.

One of the most heartbreaking aspects of Winslo's story is that he lost both his eyes due to a very painful eye disease. He now prefers to be left alone in his own space, where he feels safe and secure. We respect his boundaries and allow him the solitude he prefers.

We have created a space tailored specifically for our little grumpy buddy. He has wall to wall pottie pads so he doesn’t have to endure a belly band. He has water bowls set up at just the right height for him to find. He has a cozy bed and a favorite snuggle toy to keep him company.

We carry him out to a safe area every few hours. He will often bark to let us know he wants a potty break cause he is a good little boy! AND when he comes back in he enjoys knowing there will be a small trail of treats for him to find.

We will often put Winslo out with the pack at Playtime so he can wander around the yard and know that he has other dog companions nearby.
Winslo is not a lovey pup, he doesn’t particularly enjoy cuddles unless it is Emily and if he is in just the right mood. That is not a problem because we love him just the way he is!

Thanks to our supporters we can help care for all the foster pups that come into our Piper’s Pals Pack program - and for Winslo, we were able to can help with a Medical Miracle too.

House with a Heart (HWAH) Piper’s Pals Foster Program and K9 & Kitty Medical Miracles.

Our Piper’s Pals program helps other Rescue Groups by providing a temporary home at HWAH for dogs that need a quiet, safe place to recover from medical treatment. These pups are not HWAH residents — they still belong to the original Rescue Group.

Our K-9 & Kitty Medical Miracles program provides medical grants to help other Rescues with medical care to make that dog or cat ready for their new forever home. These pets often need extensive medical care to prepare them for adoption or foster care. This program is so important to our mission to help save as many senior dogs and cats abandoned in shelters as we can.

House with a Heart Saves Senior and Special Needs Animals.

Hello everybody, I’m Sher Polvinale with House with a Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary. I started House with a Heart in 2006 because I’ve been doing rescue for years and years and years and I was finished with being worried about whether I had done the right placemen. So I decided that we would be doing senior and special needs rescue and those dogs and cats would live with us here at House with a Heart until they passed away.

Right now, we’re at full capacity. We can’t take in anymore but what we do is we have a few places for foster dogs for other partner rescues where they come to stay here with us. We take care of them and the partner rescue works hard to get them adopted and into a very special home.

I want to thank everyone so much for your support, without you we couldn’t fulfil our mission. We couldn’t save as many senior and special-needs dogs and cats without your help

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