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Mistletoe - from fearful to joyful
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Mistletoe graduates from the HHS Behavior and Rehabilitation Center program to overcome emotional scars of abuse

At just over a year old, Mistletoe bore scars from past physical and emotional abuse. At the Houston Humane Society she received much needed medical care to treat her physical scars but the emotional ones manifested as extreme fear of humans and other dogs. Mistletoe worked intensively with Houston Humane Society's Behavior and Rehabilitation Center trainers to overcome these emotional scars. Initially she worked with just the trainers one-on-one. Her fear was so deep that she was afraid of a stuffed dog. With love, support, encouragement, and time Mistletoe overcame her fear of the stuffed dog and was eventually introduced to real dogs. It was a momentous occasion when Mistletoe played with another dog for the first time. Mistletoe and her trainers hard work paid off when she was adopted by a family who understands her special needs.

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