Humane Society International

Humane Society International


Humane Society International rescuers found Hayden struggling to survive on a dog meat farm
in South Korea. Bred to supply dogs for the dog meat trade, she was a broken soul with a future
of suffering ahead of her. But we changed all that and rescued Hayden and 170 other dogs
suffering on this farm.

Hayden took some time to transition to her new life and foster family. Suffering from extreme
trauma, at first, she wouldn’t leave her crate except to walk around. She also refused to eat. But
her foster family didn’t give up on her. Jane and Johnathan adopted Hayden exactly 101 days
after bringing her home, and the rest is history.

Hayden now gets to explore all the world’s beauty and no longer spends her days alone and
frightened in a barren cage. Hayden has been to the mountains, the beach, and playing in the
snow. When she’s not traveling around the world, she loves to chase her toys, take naps, and
receive and open presents.


Puppy in a box, chicken in a cage, lion behind a fence, horses walking, sad dog looking over a cement wall are shown on the screen and can hear cars honking in the background.
Screen goes green with the words Fight for ALL ANIMALS
Sunset is shown with the words, across the WORLD
Dog on a street is shown with the words, Fight for STREET DOGS, voiceover says, “They have to do the spay and neuter”
Women removes small dog from under a car, voiceover says, “because it reduces the amount of strays”
Women hangs dog to another person, Kennel is shown being put in the back of a truck, voiceover says, “and the suffering of animals.”
Puppies in a kennel is shown.
Pigs in cages is shown with the words, Fight for FARM ANIMALS
A pig being touched, pigs walking is shown.
Elephants walking outside with the words, Fight for WILDLIFE
A women is talking to the camera with an elephant behind her, voiceover says, “Monitoring for human-elephant conflict.”
Elephants walking outside, voiceover says, “Over 30,000 elephants”
Elephant holding a branch, voiceover says, “are killed every year.”
Destroyed land is shown with the words, Fight for ANIMALS AFFECTED BY DISASTER
Dog being carried, people walking, dog being carried, dog being cleaned, and dog in a cage is shown with the words, Fight the DOG MEAT TRADE
Women opening a cage with dogs, voiceover says, “These dogs were going to be slaughtered for food.”
Women holds, kisses a puppy and puts the puppy in a kennel for transport.
Humane Society international logo is shown on the screen

Humane Society International
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