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Meet Olive: A Tale of Resilience and Transformation
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IAR dog Olive is shown before and after her rescue and rehabilitation

Around July 1st of this year, we welcomed a very special pup into our IAR family: Olive. She was just 10 months old when we found her at Vance County Animal Shelter, but her journey had been anything but easy. Olive's heartbreaking story began with a terrible case of mange, likely the result of being left out in the scorching sun all summer. Her skin was dry and burned, with most of her fur gone and her body covered in painful lesions. She was in so much pain that even a gentle touch would make her bleed. For the first two weeks, she could barely move due to the agony she endured.

But Olive's spirit was unbreakable. While she may have looked sad and tired at first, her sweetness constantly shone through. As the days passed and Olive began to heal, her transformation was nothing short of miraculous. With regular baths and tender care, her skin started to recover, and she discovered the joy of cheese-flavored treats and basking in the sun.

Olive's personality underwent a complete shift. She became a bundle of joy, always seeking love and attention. She's now overflowing with energy, running, jumping, and radiating happiness. Her foster family's favorite moments with her are the mornings when she bursts out of her crate with boundless energy, making the silliest faces—and often leaving her tongue hanging out! Olive is almost 100% healed now, with just a few little bumps left to fade away. She's looking for her forever home where she can enjoy this second chance at a happy life.

We are so grateful that Olive's story has a happy ending. Every day, we do our best to help unwanted, homeless, and abused animals like Olive find happy, loving, and safe homes. Please help us to continue to rescue and transform lives like hers by making a donation or volunteering today. Thank you so much for your support! Each and every contribution makes a difference in the lives of animals like Olive.

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