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Fancy Fights for a Second Chance
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Fancy met her mom, Abby, while staying in a foster home. Abby had also recently suffered a horrific accident that required months ofrecovery/ The two were kindred spirits, falling in love instantly. The rest is history!
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Baylee Phillips

2-month-old Fancy arrived at KHS fighting for her life. Her little body was viciously torn apart when she was caught in a vehicle's fan belt after she fell asleep under a car hood seeking warmth. She had lacerations all over her face and a hole in her frontal sinus making it difficult for her to breathe. The fan belt also mangled poor Fancy's legs and ripped off the tiny toes from her back left paw. By the time she arrived at the Kentucky Humane Society, her near-fatal injuries were weeping with infection and her puny, painful cries shattered our hearts. We weren't sure if she would survive, but we were determine to do everything we could for sweet Fancy.

Our veterinary team gave her I.V. fluids and pain medications, sutured the hold in her sinus, dressed her wounds and syringe-fed her until she was strong enough to eat independently again. They took every opportunity to snuggle and encourage the frail baby, and Fancy even made air biscuits to show her gratitude. We couldn't help but fall in love with her.

Finally, Fancy was stable enough to enter a loving foster home. That's where she met Abby, who had also spent months recovering from injuries caused by a terrible accident. The bond between Fancy and Abby was instant. These kindred spirits seemed to understand each other and give each other comfort. Now, these two survivors are inseparable best friends.

By supporting the Kentucky Humane Society, you impact countless of animals just like Fancy who are in desperate need of Tender Loving Care. Donate today and support lifesaving medical care for the animals who need us most!

Magic's Story of Hope

KHS has a special mission to help the most vulnerable animals. Some of the hardest cases we see are animals who are victims of abuse. Animals like Magic. This loving, 10-month-old puppy was found in a field by Animal Control Officers having been shot through the mouth. The way the bullet was angled, he must have been shot while looking up at his abuser. The bullet entered above his eye, went through his nasal cavity and passed through his tongue, before breaking his lower jaw. Magic was in pain, unable to eat and weak from loss of blood. Animal Control officers rushed him to KHS so he could get the lifesaving care he needed. We performed emergency surgery to close his wounds, remove fragments of bone and teeth, and repaired his tongue. We managed his pain and watched him round-the-clock. Once he was stable, Magic was placed in a loving foster home with a staff member where he was able to heal not only from his physical injuries, but also his emotional one. Despite the horrific abuse he suffered at the hands of humans, Magic is a silly, sweet and snuggly dog who loves everyone he meets.

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