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Robinson + Milis - A True Love Story
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Robinson + Milis - A True Love Story
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Patti Gross

Sometime differences just don’t make any difference. We will let Robinson explain.

Hey everyone, I’m Robinson, I came to King Street Cats from another shelter and needed some extra help so of course King Street Cats said yes! I had to see a lot of doctors, first it was the orthopedic doctor to look at my wonky back leg, then there was the cardiologist to make sure my heart was okay and finally not one but two ophthalmologists (wow that is a mouth full) to figure out what was going on with my eyes and in between all that was the vet to help with all the “regular” stuff.
It turns out my leg is a little off because of something called a luxating patella, my heart is just fine, thank you very much, but my eyes are a bit of a mess. I have eyelid agenesis, that means my eyelids didn’t develop properly, cataracts in my left eye, and my retinas aren’t quite right, so I don’t see very well. While it sounds like an awful lot, it really isn’t, and I don’t need any surgery or special care, and best of all I just got cleared to be adopted! While you might think that is wonderful news, I am a little worried.
While I was in foster, I saw quite a few kitties come and go but then I met the love of my life, my dear Milis. You see, she has had some big challenges of her own and like me she is not quite a “normal” cat.
We each look kind of different than most cats. My eyes don’t work right, and she doesn’t have any teeth. My leg doesn’t line up quite the way it should, and her jaw is crooked.
None of that matters to us though. We love each other so much.
We wanted to be sure to say a very heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you. We both needed specialists and lots of tests, Milis even had a very big surgery. Without your generosity and support King Street Cats wouldn’t have been able to say yes when we needed them most…and we would never have found each other.
Whisker kisses,
Robinson and Milis

P.S. We did it! We found our forever home together! Thank you for all you did for us!

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