Leashes End Senior Pet Sanctuary & Rescue

Leashes End Senior Pet Sanctuary & Rescue

From Cruelty Case to Cutest Canine
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From Cruelty Case to Cutest Canine
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Risa B. Simon

Animal Control pulled 13-year-old Gremlin out of a drug den in early March 2023. The rural shelter immediately sent her our way. Poor Gremlin was a mess, from neglect and from a lifetime of exposure to acrid second-hand smoke. Gremlin was emaciated, had an anal tract infection, ulcerated eyes, a multi-drug-resistant bacterial infection in her sinuses, Pyometra, mammary tumors, and some fiercely rotten teeth! Her blood pressure plummeted during her first surgery, making all further procedures high risk. We had to proceed carefully. Ultimately, three surgeries later (totaling $9,000) and a six-times daily administration of eye ointment and FLOVENT, and our Gremlin is a new girl! She has a great appetite and has gained over two pounds! She LOVES to go on walks, boss over the other dogs, and sleep in front of a window in the dining room where she can keep an eye on the neighborhood! And that’s not all … she won the award for “Cutest Canine” at the 2023 Dog Parade in Kensington, MD. Sadly, pets like Gremlin are euthanized at public shelters every day due to their age and illnesses. Gremlin is just one of many Leashes End success stories. We take the unadoptables and give them the golden retirement they deserve.

Leashes End: A Retirement Home for Senior Pets

CAPT Risa B. Simon, USN talks about the rescue organization Leashes End Senior Pet Sanctuary & Rescue.

I'm a naval officer, and I also run Leashes End Senior Pet Sanctuary out of my home in Maryland. These pets come to me, and they already have underlying conditions. They need everything from standard to specialized care. Emotionally, the biggest challenge has been saying goodbye to the pets. I think what helps me most with emotionally, with dealing with the loss of a pet is is the dependence of all these other pets on my care.

The other challenge for me is time. I find that the time I spend with the pets tends to be making meals, medicating them, cleaning up less, just sitting and rolling around with them and running on the grass and playing with them. These animals are the absolute love of my life.

And making sure that they get gold standard care right up to the very end is really my priority in life.

Leashes End Senior Pet Sanctuary & Rescue
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