Little Beans Orphan Ark Rescue

Little Beans Orphan Ark Rescue

Athena's Rescue
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Athena and her litter day of arrival to recovery and ready for adoption.
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Athena and her puppies were on an euthanization list in a Georgia shelter. A photo of her and the litter was sent to us, asking for help. Athena was pictured with her puppies in a wire crate without even a blanket. Athena was a fantastic mother and gave everything; even though her body could barely produce enough to feed her puppies, they were of good weight, and she tended to them well. Pilots For Pups stepped up and flew her and her puppies to St. Marys's airport, where we met them for pickup. We can't thank the crew and everyone involved enough for making this happen!
Athena and her puppies made a fantastic recovery and have all found their forever homes!

Little Beans Orphan Ark Rescue
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