Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue

Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue

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Geo - Never too Old or Sick to Be a MAGSR Dog
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Nine year old Geo was picked up as a stray in a busy city in the south in March 2023. The state in which Geo arrived at the local shelter was utterly heartbreaking. He was extremely emaciated, covered in scabies along with a secondary skin infection, heartworm positive, had infected toe nails, and was partially to possibly totally deaf. As the number of dogs arriving in shelters is at a constant state of crisis, dogs with extensive needs like Geo are often first to be added to the list for euthanasia. Sadly, Geo was placed on this list without many options for survival. Staff members at the shelter and rescue groups around the area knew that Geo deserved a chance to move forward safely. So a call for help went out to rescues up and down the east coast. With help from a few individuals MAGSR was able to put a plan together and welcome Geo to our family.

Geo was placed with one of MAGSR’s amazing vetting partners and immediately began receiving all the time, attention and medical support he needed. We ran blood panels, checked his thyroid, took x-rays, and started medications. After the first phases of Geo's medical care were well underway, medicated baths and heartworm treatment were started. Despite being in unimaginable pain and discomfort Geo was calm and patient with everyone involved in his treatment.

An amazing foster family took Geo into their care in May and in June his new life officially began when he was adopted by his fosters. Though it has only been a few months, so far Geo continues to be an easy going guy which is impressive given the amount of suffering he has endured. His adoptive family is focused on doing everything it can to ensure that Geo is content, comfortable and feels secure in his new home. As his health continues to improve, they hope to see more of his true personality. Geo is good on a leash and enjoys the company of his people. He loves gentle petting and settles in nicely with people that are calm and confident.

In the relatively short time that Geo was in our care, MAGSR spent over $2,300 to get him ready for his forever home. German Shepherds typically live to be 9 to 13 so Geo is definitely in his golden years and while some rescues may have passed on him because of health and age, MAGSR didn’t hesitate to welcome him into our family. He deserves to have a good life no matter how much longer that may be.

Give Happy - Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue 2023

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MAGSR overview
• Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue logo on left, CFC logo on right and information about MAGSR at center:
o > 95% of funds used for dogs
o 100% volunteer workforce
o Started in 1999
o Gold transparency rated
o > 4,700 adoptions
• Providing GSD/mix rescue and adoption services in MD, DC, PA, VA, and DE

German Shepherd information, statistics and breeding issues
• Picture of one of our adopted dogs
• Information about German Shepherd Dogs
o Loyal and steady
o Confident and courageous
o Intelligent and agile
o 4th most popular dog in the US
• German Shepherds are also the 5th most commonly found dog in shelters
o Due to irresponsible and unethical breeding practices
 Significant oversupply of dogs on the market
 More health and temperament problems

Information and pictures of some of our recently rescued dogs
• Many of our rescues are survivors of abuse and neglect
o Pictures of some of our dogs when we received them. Some with significant injuries.
• Others are the result of overcrowding and owner abandonment
o Pictures of some of our puppies and younger dogs

What We Do: Transport and Intake
• Video clip of dogs arriving at kennel
o Caption: “Freedom Ride” arriving at kennel
• Your dollars and hours help bring dogs into our care

What We Do: Medical and Rehabilitation
• Video clip of dog during veterinarian visit
o Caption: Vetting checkup
• Funding used to heal physical, mental and emotional scars

What We Do: Human-Dog Interaction
• Video clip of dog practicing some commands
o Caption: Learning “sit” and “down”
• Contributions help us exercise, socialize and train

What We Do: Fostering and Adoption
• Video clip of two dogs playing
o Caption: Adopted brothers playing
• Pledges help prepare dogs to thrive in their “Forever” homes

Examples of some of the costs we incur (per individual dog)
• Transport to our kennel location in Maryland: ~ $160 (excluding fuel)
• Spay or neuter: ~ $350+
• Hip replacement: > $10,000
• Heartworm treatment: ~ $1,500
• Boarding and training: ~ $1,200

Plea for support from federal employees
• Can you help us Give them a Happy life?
o Pictures of 5 of our dogs arranged in a smile

Thanks for watching and contact information
• Thank you for your support!!!
• Visit us at MAGSR.org
o Pictures of adoptive families and individual dogs including some who have passed away recently

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