National Anti-Vivisection Society

National Anti-Vivisection Society


National Anti-Vivisection Society

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National Anti-Vivisection Society
Advancing Science Without Harming Animals
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The National Anti-Vivisection Society works to end the exploitation of animals in the
name of science.

[IMAGES] Video and photos of students examining a synthetic frog model

Close-up image of the frog model
Photo of speakers presenting the NAVS 3Rs Curriculum at a conference
Photo of NAVS booth at a teacher conference


With BioLEAP, NAVS is providing teachers with resources to make their science
classrooms more humane. This includes replacing preserved animal specimens with
physical or digital animal models and using our humane science high school curriculum.
[IMAGES] Researcher funded by the International Foundation for Ethical Research sharing test

Researcher working at his bench in the laboratory
Researcher presenting a poster related to his funded project
Researcher working with a model in a petri dish


Through the International Foundation for Ethical Research, we support early career
scientists who are tackling human health concerns without using animals. These
impressive graduate students demonstrate better and more promising ways to study
things like pancreatic cancer, wound treatment, and brain injuries.
[IMAGES] NAVS staff meeting with legislators at a national conference

Our legislative and regulatory advocacy efforts help drive changes that improve animal

[IMAGES] Chimpanzee playing with ice cubes
Beagle walking on grass in a backyard
Close up of a horse
Close up of a chimpanzee
Two beagle puppies laying on a towel in a veterinarian’s office

Through the Animal Sanctuary Assistance Program, NAVS has helped hundreds of
animals in need. This year, we provided $87,000 in funding to accredited sanctuaries
and rescues who provide safe and loving homes for former research animals.

National Anti-Vivisection Society
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