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Nebraska Humane Society


Nebraska Humane Society 2022

1. (Image: grey pit bull with a sunflower collar) Text: "The Nebraska Humane Society saves, heals and creates second chances for homeless animals."
2. (Image: brown tabby looking at camera) Text: "In 2022, 7,789 pets were adopted into their forever homes."
3. Text: "But you help us do so much more..."
4. (Image: man smiling and holding a brown tabby against his chest) Text: "2,511 lost pets were reunited with their families."
5. (Image: a person in a medical gown and mask is holding a small dog that has an IV line in its leg) Text: "Our medical team saved THOUSANDS of animals' lives."
6. Text: "With your contribution, we completed: 6,024 Diagnostic Tests; 4,613 Spays & Neuters; 548 Special Surgeries; 5,515 Microchips"
7. (Image: white and brown kitten being fed milk with a syringe) Text: "75 Foster homes lovingly cared for 585 fragile animals."
8. Text: "NHS provided food and care to 1,073 people and 4,835 pets in the community."
9. (images: a child embraces a white and brown dog; a black and white pit bull with two pink leg casts; a pile of orange and brown kittens; a handler walks with a small brown horse)
10. Text: "NHS also provides free community services: Behavior helpline, pet food pantry, sanctuary for pets of domestic abuse victims, pet food delivery for homebound seniors"
11. Text: "Together we create hope for homeless animals!"
12. (image: two grey and white pit bull puppies in a kennel) text: "Your CFC contribution will save lives!"
13. Nebraska Humane Society Logo; Text: "CFC # 84441"

Nebraska Humane Society
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