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Let me tell you a story of impact
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Studying Arabic through immersion while living in the culture.

As I write to you today, I've been reflecting on what a year it's been—and all the good that's been happening, thanks to supporters like you.

You've been such a great supporter of empowering young Americans that I wanted to let you know the difference you've made.

Just this year, your generosity made it possible to fundamentally change the trajectory for promising students.

I'd especially like you to meet Heavenly.

Heavenly is a sophomore Political Science Major with a concentration in International Relations and a Military Science and Arabic double minor. She attends Howard University, where she is a part of the ROTC program on a 3-year scholarship, allowing her to continue a proud legacy as a second-generation military officer.

Heavenly has always had a deep passion for learning and an eagerness to broaden her understanding on a hands-on level. This past summer, Heavenly spent four weeks in Amman, Jordan, on a cultural immersion experience with the Project Global Officer program, immediately followed by a three-week Power Language Immersion in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. A summer studying abroad gave her an unparalleled opportunity. RSI has provided oxygen to a spark to grow a fire from within.

Through this program, she gained a valuable perspective on Middle Eastern culture and language, moving towards being a global citizen who recognizes the need for empathy as we strive for a sustainable international community.

Do you know what's next? With your continued support, we aim to support Heavenly's goal to study in seven Arabic-speaking countries. We are exploring Heavenly studying in Egypt over her upcoming winter break. Oman and Morocco in the summer of 2024. The possibility of studying abroad in the first semester of her junior year in the fall of 2024 and possibly after graduation and commissioning, pursuing a master’s in economics through the University of New York in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

What if we had the support to make these dreams a reality for 15-30 students next year? 50-75 students within the next three years? The leaders of the future have big plans. Could you help us dream bigger for them?

Your investment in young students is an investment in
- COLLEGE PREP builds skills for better academic performance
- SUPPORT SYSTEMS care-filled interventions at critical milestones
- DECISIONS & DIRECTION aspire for more than a degree

Together, we’ll keep the good going until we

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