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San Antonio Pets Alive!

Pacifica's Painful Past
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Pacifica and her Kittens

Sweet cat Pacifica has quite the story. Early in the summer, she was brought into San Antonio Pets Alive!'s care after having been tossed out of a car onto the highway. Pacifica nearly tumbled off the overpass but instead lay on the hot asphalt with her entire back left side burned off. Our dedicated life-saving team ensured she was comfortable and began assessing her injuries. Tests quickly determined Pacifica was pregnant. Once she was stable and on the way to recovery, Pacifica was welcomed into a loving foster home. Despite her ordeal she was in good spirits and later gave birth to eight healthy kittens.

After experiencing unimaginable, intentional cruelty, Pacifica’s story serves as a beacon to other unwanted and abused animals - there is hope for them. There are second chances. YOU are their hope, YOU are their second chance.

San Antonio Pets Alive! was able to treat Pacifica, provide her with spay surgery, vaccines, getting microchipped and into a safe Foster home to give birth thanks to gifts from the community like yours. Please support the life-saving work of San Antonio Pets Alive!.

San Antonio Pets Alive!
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