Senior Dog Sanctuary of Maryland

Senior Dog Sanctuary of Maryland

Buddy Love
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Buddy Love with HIs Tennis Ball
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Susan Razik

Buddy Love came to the Senior Dog Sanctuary after suffering neglect and abuse. His front legs are locked, and there is so far no option to fix them. His ear was damaged by trauma, and we covered that surgery. He has been at the Sanctuary now for 2.5 years and is beloved by staff and volunteers. He has had multiple wheelchairs to help him keep his back legs exercised. He is currently in a foster home, but is looking for his forever home. Even after all he has been through, he is a love bug. And even though he is mobility impaired, he has found ways to get where he wants to go. He is a ball hog too!

The Senior Dog Sanctuary's Late Founder on it's Mission

The mission here is very straight forward. We rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome senior dogs. I think the rest of the world is learning that dogs, particularly senior dogs, are no longer property, they are family. They are so much easier to care for and they are loving beyond what you could ever anticipate. I want to help these dogs. I want to do 500 dogs, and before too long, I want to do 5,000. As a leader, to put those pieces and parts together, to make it all come together, and work on behalf of the animals. I gave a lot of years in service to my country, and I wish I could do more. That's how much the country means to me this country gave me every opportunity. I'm sorry. I love my country.

Senior Dog Sanctuary of Maryland
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