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A Second Chance for Eloise
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Eloise outside of the Virginia Beach SPCA with her new family on her "Gotcha Day".
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Mandi Kowaleski

When Eloise first arrived at the Virginia Beach SPCA, she had recently given birth to several puppies.

The canine family was placed in a foster home until the pups were healthy and strong enough for the adoption process. One by one, the puppies found their forever homes, but it would take a little more time for sweet Eloise.

Eloise was heartworm positive and required lifesaving medical treatment. Thankfully, generous donors stepped up to cover her medical costs and after two months in the care of the VBSPCA, Eloise was happily adopted and is now happy in a home of her own. Because of community supporters, the VBSPCA is able to provide animals like Eloise the shelter they need for as long as they need it, as well as any necessary medical care.

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2023 VBSPCA CFC Promo Video Transcript

This video features various adoptable animals with a voice over describing how donors are critical to the mission of the Virginia Beach SPCA.

:01 - Every year, thousands of homeless animals

:03 - come through the doors of the Virginia Beach SPCA.

:06 - They all have one thing in common:

:08 - They need a second chance.

:10 - Our mission is to create a more compassionate community

:12 - in the hopes of eliminating animal suffering.

:15 - That starts with providing shelter and care to animals in need.

:18 - Animals like Harper, who was transferred to the VBSPCA

:22 - all the way from a rural shelter in Louisiana,

:24 - where she had little chance for adoption.

:26 - After two months in our care,

:28 - Harper finally found a home of her own.

:31 - But creating lasting adoptions is only part of the mission.

:34 - The VBSPCA strives to be a valued resource in the community.

:38 - We provide low-cost veterinary care…

:41 - solutions to common behavioral issues…

:43 - and even food and toys to pet parents in need…

:46 - all with a goal of keeping more pets in homes,

:48 - where they belong.

:50 - But we can’t do it alone.

:52 - We can only do it with your support.

:54 - Donate today to create second chances for animals who need it most.

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