Computers4Kids (C4K)

Computers4Kids (C4K)


Computers4Kids (C4K) CFC #75943

Welcome to C4K, where we’re shaping a brighter future for local youth through STEM education.
At C4K, we’re committed to inclusivity and equity, envisioning a world where everyone has access to 21st-century skills.
C4K is a place where young minds are nurtured, thanks to our 1:1 mentoring.
Here, our members explore STEM with industry-level technology and the support of their mentors.
We believe in the power of collaboration and shoulder-to-shoulder learning, preparing our members with the skills and resources they need to access a range of personal and economic opportunities.
Our community welcomes people from all backgrounds, creating an environment for mutual growth and understanding.
But we couldn’t do this without our incredible community of partners, donors, and volunteers.
Their support allows us to offer our programs at NO COST, bridging the gap in STEM education.
Thank you for supporting C4K!
Every donation made has a profound impact on our community.
Your support would mean everything to us.
Thank you for helping us create a brighter future for our youth.
CFC #75943
Visit our website ( and follow our social media sites (@c4kclubhouse) to become a part of our family and learn more about our mission and successes!

Computers4Kids (C4K)
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